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Response to Sunday Times claims: 5 July 2020

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Once again, a series of inaccurate claims have been made in the Sunday Times this week.

Claim: In an article about the Ministry of Defence, it is claimed [PM’s foreign policy special advisor] John Bew ‘did not even know about’ the OneWeb plan.

Reality: John Bew was fully involved in the discussions and present at meetings on OneWeb.

Claim: Dominic Cummings held a “getting-to-know-you” exercise with the service chiefs last month, when sources say the “personal chemistry” was “ a disaster”.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, who as Commander of Strategic Command is in charge of all the MoD’s special forces and intelligence units, “boasted” about his work on cyber-warfare but a source present said Cummings “shot him down in flames” leaving Sanders “humiliated”.

Reality: Dominic Cummings did not meet service chiefs last month, and this entire account is false.

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